Union ink EF NPT low bleed diamond white

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1 Litre 1 Litre £15.66
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500ml 500ml £11.00

Now on offer is the union ink low bleed Diamond white which has the max opacity ideal for the poly cotton fabrics. This union ink is a nice opaque, with excellent matting characteristics and a creamy consistency. This low bleed ink diamond white is a fast flashing which is great for printers since it gives a shorter dwell time and hence a faster produciton rate. Screen printers can use this for just a 1 colour print or even for highlights it works great as well. Ideal for mesh count for 34T to 77T. Great if you are just printing manually by hand and also good if you are using faster automatic machines like M&R and MHM etc.


  • Great for dark fabrics and cotton and polyester blend material 
  • High opacity
  • It has low bleed for polyester fabric 
  • Can be used for manual and automatic printing machines

Product featues & Benefits on DIAMOND WHITE range of inks

  • Perfect to get a nice result on dark fabrics
  • Easy to print ready to go - has a nice creamy look 
  • 500ml, 1 litre and US gallon​

Safety first & Data Sheet on Pyramid Inks

  • We support best safety practices and standards 
  • All operators should wear protective equipment, clothing etc when handling all chemicals even those which are normally labeled as non-hazardous
  • If you are unsure then request full Safety Data Sheet for full protection information. For basic guide please view the details on the packages 

Delivery Information on printing consumables

  • Order placed early will be next day or following day delivery via DPD subject to stock availability 
  • Get lower prices for bulk orders - for regular big orders contact us for better rates. We are London based so if you need URGENT colleciton you need to let us know before coming. We are open Mon to Sat 
  • Delivery charge is £6+VAT for the first box - Every next box is charged at £4+VAT  


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