We understand that getting a T-shirt or any other garment printed or embroidered is not a single handed task. It requires both quality garments as well as printing accessories. The plain T-shirts merchandising introduces to its valued customers printing packages, a blend of printing accessories at a much lower price than available market prices.
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Rutland M3 NPT HO BLACK is part of the M3 range of Rutland ink which is the most popular colour mixing system. These HO BLACK ink are high performance, low-tack plastisol color mixing system is designed for printing on 100% cotton fabrics o..
The white pallet masking tape comes in a range of sizes to cater for all the types of shapes and sizes for screen printers. These pallet mask tape is used throughout the textile industry, mainly by t-shirt printers to reduce clean-up time. You can pr..
We offer screen printing inkjet media film is made for the production of high-quality photo-positives and photo-negatives. This film is great to use with your EPSON inkjet printer. The film is made so it can be used with a standard aqueous inkjet pri..
Our deal for 100 mix colour t shirts with any design printed in one colour is great value for money. You can select any sizes you like in the SS brand of 100% rich soft cotton t shirt and have your artwork printed in 1 colour screen print. They ..
Our deal 3 will give you 100 natural tote bags which you can get printed with any design in 1 colour of your logo/artwork. These are 100% cotton woven bags which you can get printed with your design. This deal you will get 100 bags with printing of y..
The Rutland brand of Foil Adhesive is the perfect product to be the adhesive for adhere to the metal sheet foil to get that mettalic print on t shirts. This product will not dry in the screen and has a grea elasticity. Ideal for printing manuall..
RED YS Union Ink’s Mixopake Series are a special ink formulation which are great to use when mixing any colour you like to get a PANTONE colour of your choice. Now you can make any colour in the PANTONE® Matching System using the Union Ink stand..

Printing is a complex task, which should be brought into action with quality accessories. Buying printing packages would prove out to be convenient for you as it would be a lower price range and moreover the quality would not be kept at stake as plain T-shirts merchandising work only to deliver quality products.

We introduce numerous beneficiary deals which include 100 colored T-shirts with one color print, 100 cotton totes with 1 color print, inkjet film sheets and rolls etc. All these accessories would be made available to you at a much lower price than you would have thought. We have designed the printing packages as per the customer convenience.

The printing packages would prove out to be fruitful for you in case you look forward to start your own printing business or want the same in bulk for any of the event that you are conducting, you cannot find deals better than the ones available at plain T-shirts merchandising. This would not only help you in the monetary terms but would also help you save the overhead of collecting the gatherings from every corner of the world. Buying from plain T-shirts merchandising is an additional benefit.