We at plain T-shirts merchandising supply all the printing accessories especially focusing on screen printing accessories at one place. If you want the final product to be quality oriented and moreover the one which flourishes the underlying garment. You must explore the screen printing accessories we bring for you.
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100 Coloured T Shirt with 1 colour print Deal 2 - Stars & Stripes
Based on 1 reviews.
Our deal for 100 mix colour t shirts with any design printed in one colour is great value for money. You can select any sizes you like in the SS brand of 100% rich soft cotton t shirt and have yo..
100 Cotton COLOURED PRINTED Totes with 1 colour print Deal 4 - Stars & Stripes
Based on 1 reviews.
Our deal 4 will give you 100 COLOURED tote bags which you can get printed with any design in 1 colour of your logo/artwork. These are 100% cotton woven bags which you can get printed with your design...
100 Cotton totes with 1 colour print Deal 3 - Stars & Stripes
Based on 1 reviews.
Our deal 3 will give you 100 natural tote bags which you can get printed with any design in 1 colour of your logo/artwork. These are 100% cotton woven bags which you can get printed with your design. ..
Process YELLOW RUTLAND NPT (4 Colour) process ink are th best the industry can offer when it comes to full colour CMYK printing. These 4 colour process inks are amde from Transparent, intense pri..
Our Pyramid screen print ink range is complete and comprehensive -The classic FLOUR GREEN pyramid ink are quality and high opacity non phthalate Plastisol ink which once printed will gi..
Quality Pyramid brand plastisol ink in Poly White Pyramid Poly White is designed for maximum opacity on bleed resistance poly/cotton fabrics. It has maximum opacity, with excellent matting cha..
Rutland M3 NPT HO FLOUR BLUE is part of the M3 range of Rutland ink which is the most popular colour mixing system. These HO FLOUR BLUE ink are high performance, low-tack plastisol colo..
The white pallet masking tape comes in a range of sizes to cater for all the types of shapes and sizes for screen printers. These pallet mask tape is used throughout the textile industry, mainly by t-..
Adhesive Spray tak is a fast drying, high tack aerosol spray that is used by screen printers to keep the garment like a t shirt in a position for the print to be applied. This spray can be used for al..

We include a diverse collection of printing materials which include inks, emulsions, coating chemicals etc. All the materials we present are available at a cheaper price range such that printing becomes a convenient option for you.

We supply the material from top trustworthy brands such that quality is never kept at stake. In screen printing accessories we not merely include T-shirts at a wholesale price range for printing but we also present different types of inks like water based ink which may be chosen as per the output demanded by the end customer.

In screen printing accessories, we include process black ink, cyan ink, plastisol ink in different colors, NPT discharge white, mask tape, textile spray, etc. All these accessories are items of much use required by the industries if they want to flourish their business of screen printing.

We at plain t-shirts merchandising take the charge of delivering you screen printing accessories at earliest. If you want the material in bulk for your growing business, we would offer considerable discount options for you such that you do not have to think twice before taking the next step in your business. Our collection of accessories is a must explore.